Get Sleep Apnea Under Control When You Follow This Advice

Is it confusing to you that you can’t seem to get enough sleep every night? As you narrow down the potential sleep problems you may be facing, sleep apnea could emerge as the most likely disorder you’re suffering from. If you think you may be suffering with this condition, then stop worrying and continue onto the article below for some helpful advice!

Stopping bad habits may help with your sleep apnea. Smoking and drinking can inflame your airways and make them swell. Consuming alcohol can lead to trouble with your respiratory system. Smoking adds harmful chemicals which damage your lungs over time. Letting these habits go can reduce your symptoms and make sleeping easier.

Do not consume as much alcohol as you used to. Alcohol relaxes your muscles in a way that harms your breathing. Although you may think this improves your sleep, it actually just worsens it. Your muscles will relax and collapse, which will make you snore and possibly cough through the night. Try your best to limit your drinking if you do decide to have alcohol, and try to not have any right before bed.

It is possible for children to suffer from sleep apnea. Symptoms may include mouth breathing, hostility, irritability, bad grades, hyperactivity and inattentiveness. Sleep apnea symptoms can mimic those of ADHD, but only a doctor can give the proper diagnosis.

Sleep on your side as much as possible. Many people with sleep apnea sleep while on their backs. When you sleep on your back, you are warping the shape of your airways. However, breathing is much easier if you sleep on your side instead. If you tend to lay on your back while sleeping, prop yourself on your side using pillows.

If you are using a CPAP machine but having trouble keeping your mouth closed, you should consider using a chin strap. The chin strap is a fabric strap that supports your chin to keep your mouth shut. CPAP machines do not function with open mouths, so a chin strap can really save you.

Sleep apnea sufferers know how stressful having this condition is. Discomfort, interrupted sleep and other symptoms make this condition hard to deal with. Use this information to help you go about your treatment against sleep apnea.

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