Top IPhone Tips Everyone Needs To Know

Are you lost when it comes to understanding iPhone applications? The following article will show you how to use apps to get the most from your iPhone. You may even find it makes your life run more smoothly.

Use rice to dry out a wet iPhone. Oftentimes, cell phones are dropped in puddles or even toilets. If this happens, use a soft towel to dry your iPhone and place it in a bowl of rice. After a number of hours, or overnight, your phone should be dry.

Use your iPhone to navigate the neighborhood. You could utilize the in-built map facility for finding your way around unknown areas that you are visiting. You can bookmark the map on your home screen to make it easy to access with just a tap.

Do you get too many notifications on your iPhone? You may turn them off easily. First, choose Settings. Then tap the bar for Notifications. Look at your apps under “In Notification Center” to remove any you don’t want. This can also help your battery life.

Maximize your iPhone’s utility by using the various multimedia capabilities. You can download or stream videos, films, television shows and more from hundreds of different websites. Your iPhone can be an extremely powerful portable media station.

When using a web browser on your iPhone, you can scroll with either one finger or with two. If the page is separated into boxes it is easier to use one finger to navigate each box individually. Two fingers will make navigating the whole page easier.

After reading this article, you should a little more familiar with some of the neat functions that the iPhone provides. If you apply the tips that you have learned, you will get more enjoyment out of your phone and will be motivated to seek out even more tricks. Stick to the information here and soon you’ll be showing all your friends the nifty little tricks you picked up here.

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